Selected Milk

The fresh milk collection is a daily ritual in all seasons.
Herding cattle up the side of a mountain might seem like a lot of extra work, but for thousands of years, people have hauled their cows into the Alps to graze during the summer months. Why? It's all about great-tasting cheese.
Where cows live changes what they eat — and that difference is detectable in the cheese made from their milk. "In the mountain areas, the cows are free to pasture". They mostly eat a mix of fresh grasses and other vegetation. Cattle raised at lower elevations or in winter time in Italy are kept in farms and eat a prepared feed that contains dried grasses and vitamins.
In places like Italy, some traditional cheeses, like Malga Novezza or Monte Veronese DOP di Malga, can only be made with milk from mountainside-munching cows. This is the reason for often being referred to as "the yellows".
There's also evidence that mountain cheese might even be a little healthier, containing more omega-3 fatty acids than cheese made from the milk of cattle raised on the plains.