The Venetian dairy Roncolato set in Brenton has its origins dating back to the 1920’s. In the surrounding hills of Verona Roncà in the Northwest, Ermenegildo Roncolato together with his son Angelo Romano established the turnario dairyman. In 1964 Romano Roncolato took over the Dairy Capital of Roncà, in Veronese, which later acquired the name “La Casara”.

Over many years the small family dairy refined its craft but maintained its hand made techniques in a modern production facility. Today, with the same passion of his father Romano, this small business is now managed by his sons John, Gildo and Letizia. Their passion and enthusiasm continue the activities undertaken in the twenties by grandfather Ermenegildo. ‘La Casara’ continues to maintain older recipes whilst creating new and interesting cheese varieties that follow the art of dairy production maturation and ripening.
For our production we use cow, goat and sheep milk. Some of ‘La Casara’s’ cheeses, for example Malga Monte Veronese are made from alpine cow’s milk grazed in high altitude pastures.

‘La Casara’ is not just a dairy. Historically it has many years of experience breeding livestock and operating as a fine delicatesent. This traditional artisan family company also offer a selected range of cold cuts. During the processing of the livestock only the best parts of the pig such as thigh, shoulder and loin are used. As always the cuts are processed and bound by hand transferring the characteristics of this craftsmanship to the product. All products are then refined and matured in cellars where they acquire the characteristic scent which determines their true genuineness.

La Casara’ is also responsible for the distribution of its products both wholesale and retail.
Come and visit us at one of our stores Roncà, Soave and Verona.